Short Courses

Open Source Weather Radar Software

This course will take place on October 9th 2016, right before the ERAD 2016 conference. We will introduce the participants to community software packages designed for radar data processing, mainly Py-ARTBALTRAD, and wradlib.

These tools can be controlled by using Python, so we’ll feature a quick intro to the Python programming language, and endow participants with the basics of how to contribute to community software. For the course, we will provide a platform-independent virtual machine that contains all the required software, data and other course materials.


  • Collis, Scott (Argonne National Laboratory, USA);
  • Crisologo, Irene (University of Potsdam, Germany);
  • Heistermann, Maik (University of Potsdam, Germany);
  • Helmus, Jonathan J. (Argonne National Laboratory, USA);
  • Henja, Anders (HENJAB, Sweden);
  • Michelson, Daniel B. (Environment and Climate Change Canada).

Max. number of participants : 30

Fee (including lunch and coffee breaks) : 50 EURO

Please see for detailed instructions.

Micro Rain Radar (MRR-2)

This course will take place on October 9th 2016, right before the ERAD 2016 conference. There is no need for any special equipment to bring with. Hand-outs in memory sticks will be provided for the course participants.

Tutors: Piet Markmann (METEK), Gerhard Peters (METEK).

Max. number of participants : 40
Fee (including lunch and coffee breaks) : 50 EURO

Course Syllabus

  • Theory of Operation (FM-CW-Doppler, Range-Velocity-Ambiguity);
  • Products and Application (Quantitative Rain Measurement, Melting Layer Detection, Support of Weather Radar Operation, Snow Fall, Snow Drift, Special Applications);
  • Technical Aspects (Derivation of DSDs, Attenuation Correction, Noise Background, Calibration, Nyquist Velocity, Sensitivity to Vertical Wind, New Developments);
  • Practical Aspects (Siting, Installation, Configuration, Data Handling, Ship Borne Operation, Dual Installations, Frequency Allocation, Pitfalls, FAQs, Troubleshooting, Hands-on Exercise).